Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why are dogs awesome?

Why are dogs awesome?

      Dogs are awesome for many different reasons. Here are a few reasons why they are awesome. First, they can run around and play with you. Second, they can be trained to do cool things. Third, you can take them on walks. Fourth, you can use them as a pillow or a blanket because they are so warm and fuzzy. Last but not least, you can cuddle them. Those are a few reasons why dogs are so awesome. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

what is special about where I live?

I live in Jenison Michigan. Something special about where I live is that there is lots of grass to roll around in and a lot of friends to play with. Another thing is it is really warm in the summer and in the winter there is a lot of snow to have snowball fights with your friends and family. That is what is special about where I live.
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Friday, May 6, 2016

"I AM" Poem


“I AM” Poem

I am Lainie

I wonder why the sky is blue

I hear birds every morning

I see the world spinning when I am dizzy

I want a pet zebra or giraffe

I pretend I am a teacher and my stuffed animals are students

I feel excited

I touch the keyboard

I worry my dog will run away

I cry I have no grandpas

I am Lainie

I understand life isn’t fair

I say keep trying and don’t give up

I dream I had a sister

I try to ride a Rip Stick

I hope my dog lives forever
I am Lainie
Zebra I want
Dog That Is Close To The One I Have
Blue Sky
Girrafe I Want

Friday, March 4, 2016

100 Word Challenge #2

Superheroes are great. One example of a superhero is a firefighter. They risk their lives to save others. To me firefighters are superheroes. Firefighters work all day and don’t give up. They are truly awesome. Firefighters would never stop even if they are the worst in the group. They have to train really hard and sometimes they have to train dogs too. They get in trouble sometimes but still don’t stop. They will leave from anywhere to save anyone’s lives even if they are at a party or something like that. Firefighters are really very, truly awesome heroes.

Thank You!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Should Minecraft Be Played At School?

Minecraft! It’s always about Minecraft. I think that Minecraft should not be able to be played in Pinewood School. First, according to the scholastic news Minecraft Goes to School, Minecraft is very addictive to kids. At the end of the day, kids won’t want to stop playing it. Second, Minecraft doesn’t teach you anything. All you do is build things. Finally, Screens can make you blind. If you stare at them too long and too close, you might become blind. That is why I believe that Minecraft should not be allowed to be played at Pinewood School.  

2016 Wish

In the world I have noticed that people are killing many animals. There are many species of animals that are endangered because many people are killing them. I think that people should not kill animals just for fun. I think that if people are going to kill an animal it should be for food to provide their family. That is why my wish for 2016 is that animals will be able to live without worrying about being killed by anything.
Imagine a world without any animals at all. Now, imagine a world with many animals living without worry. Isn't that image better in your head? Here is how we can make that image in your head become an actual sight in the world. If we try to get people to stop shooting animals for fun, we could have a lot of animals in our world.
If we go out into the woods, we may find some animals that need help and we could bring them to a vet to be cared for. We could really make a difference in the world if we help animals live in their own homes.
We may also bring stray animals like dogs, cats, and bunnies to a shelter where they can be taken care of and be adopted by people who will love, play, and feed them. That will really make them happy.
As you can see, there are many animals that don't have homes and are suffering because they are not safe. I think that if we tried to get at least one animal a spot at the shelter or into the vet a day, the world we live in would be a better place. From now on, every time you see an animal that is in need of love and care,  please be kind and help them out just like it was your best friend.

Dogs vs. Cats

I love dogs a lot. In my opinion dogs are the best pet out there. Here are a few reasons why.
According to the article 11 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats, sometimes dogs make you laugh. Sometimes they nibble on your nose. Sometimes they also sniff around in the snow and when they come in they have a tiny pile of snow on their nose.
Secondly, sometimes dogs help you make friends. If someone notices your dog they might want to meet your dog. If they want to meet your dog, they will see you and want to make friends with you, too.
Finally, dogs can help to keep us fit. When we play fetch with them even that is keeping us fit. We walk them and that keeps us fit. Even if the walk is only for two minutes, we are still staying fit.
As you can see, dogs are obviously the best pets out there because they are so awesome.

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